Online Store

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The original "Premium Access" to is now closed to new members.  Existing members retain full access to the original materials contained within via their Google Account.  So, if you already paid -- no changes for you other than as new content is added, you have the option to individually purchase if you so desire.  New members have the option to buy all of the site content, or to buy individual pieces.  


A number of reasons.  

1) Some folks wish only to buy an individual Service Manual or a rebuild manual, and do not want to pay full price for all the contents of the website.  They are trying to fix something and don't care about a bunch of ephemera, for example.  Organizing the content so that they can purchase individual manuals made more sense for these patrons (saves them money).

2) A few folks (very few, like a handful...) had difficulty with the concept of downloading PDF files from the website here, or with signing up with Google Accounts, or both.  To accommodate them, having an actual online store with the option to have a CD or DVD shipped to them is what they truly needed.  This is more the traditional brick-n-mortar approach to better serve those customers.  The "low tech" approach.

3) I've long wanted to create calendars, t-shirts, mugs and other 1956 Buick related gift items.  I have received emails from sons/daughters/spouses wanting to buy their Buick fan a gift specific about there car, and I have not had anything to offer them.  Creating an online store allows me to present these options to folks.  This is fun for me !

I am open to feedback on this new approach, feel free to send me your comments or critiques.