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More content added

posted Mar 20, 2010, 3:18 PM by Robert Budd
Most of you would not know this, but I have a stack almost 3 feet tall of more books, catalogs, manuals, guides, advertising, etc... that needs to be scanned and posted to the site.  I started organizing and cleaning up the files today, and moving things around the website as well to make things easier to find.

Also, I appreciate the handful of donors/contributors I've had to the site.  Your donation is appreciated-- and judging from the positive feedback, you appreciate the value of the content in return.  I also enjoy all the photo's folks send me of their projects, what stage they are in, progress they've made, etc.  Great to see other enthusiasts out there working on their cars and using information from my site to help them do so.

Lastly-- always feel free to ask me questions.  I recently had a guy in France asking for help locating some elusive door panel clips, and was able to point him right to a source to get them.  He went from frustrated to happy in one email :)  I do my best to either answer questions directly, point you to a direction where you can find your answer, or I go post over on the AACA boards to ask the resident experts their opinions.  I actually enjoy doing the research most times, as I learn something new usually myself too.  So keep the questions coming !